The Consumer Affairs Commission Jamaica

An Agency of the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce
Government of Jamaica

Who We Are and What We Do

The Consumer Affairs Commission is a government agency established to inform, educate and empowerconsumers to protect themselves in the marketplace.

The work of the Commission is three pronged: we engage in market research, provide complaint resolutionservices and run a vibrant consumer education programme.  All the services provided by the Commission are free as the organization is fully funded by Government.    

The CAC operates under the Trade Act of 1955 and the Consumer Protection Act of 2005.
CAC News
  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 9, 2014   The Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC) has secured over J$20.8 million in refunds and compensation on behalf of aggrieved consumers due to the resolution of 197
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CAC Petrol Survey Results for November 2013 11 December 2013, 17.01 Administrator CAC News
CAC Petrol Survey Results for November 2013
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CAC Score Card 2013 10 December 2013, 21.25 Administrator CAC News
CAC Score Card 2013
  The Consumer Affairs Commission score card is now available. Click here to
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Tips to Avoid Christmas Debt 10 December 2013, 21.09 Administrator CAC News
Tips to Avoid Christmas Debt
  Click here to Download Tip to Avoid Christmas
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Annual School Textbook Survey 2013 30 August 2013, 17.53 Administrator CAC News
Annual School Textbook Survey 2013
  The result for the Annual School Textbook Survey 2013 conducted by the Consumer Affairs Commission is now available. Click here to download
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