Weights and Measures Act 1976

Businesses Must have their Weighing Equipment Tested

Buying and selling is an important part of daily life. If a tradesman/vendor wants to sell goods which require weighing or measuring he must first see to it that the Bureau of Standards tests the equipment which will be used to carry out the weighing/measuring. The Bureau tests the equipment to ensure that it is fit for use in business. This is for the protection of the Consumer.

Vendors Must Supply the Correct Amount

When a consumer buys a product he assumes he is receiving the correct quantity for the price he has paid. This law protects consumers in this way by stating that anyone who sells goods must supply the amount that he has claimed to have sold. This amount must correspond to the price he has named.

Any seller who is in breach of this law is guilty of an offence and may be fined or imprisoned.

Weighing Eqipment Must Show the Correct Weight

A vendor who supplies any person with weighing or measuring equipment for trade must be sure that the equipment gives the true weight or measure. If this is false, the vendor is guilty of an offence and can be fined. In default of payment, he can be imprisoned. These provisions of the Act are for the protection of the Consumer.

Vendors Must Give Correct Weight

It is illegal for a seller to mislead the consumer about the nature or quantity of goods being transacted. For example, if the weight stated by the seller is one kilogram, that is the weight the consumer should find if he decided to carry out his own check. Breach of this will result in a fine and in default of payment, imprisonment.

Faulty Measuring Equipment will be Confiscated

A vendor who uses faulty measuring equipment, for example faulty scales, is guilty of an offence and is liable to have his equipment confiscated. Consumers should be on the look-out for such cases and report them to the Bureau of Standards or the Consumer Affairs Commission. Offenders can be fined and in default of payment, imprisoned. 



Provided by Ministry of Justice