April 24, 2017

The Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC) has secured over J$21.5 million in refunds and compensation on behalf of aggrieved consumers for the 2016/17 Financial Year. This is as a result of the Commission resolving 1,377 of 1,453 complaints handled and represents a resolution rate of 87.89 percent. 

The top three complaints categories which have contributed significantly to the total amount of refunds and compensation are:

  1. Automotive which accounts for 72.52 percent or $15.6 million; 
  2. Appliances and Electronic items which generated over $1.7 million or 8 percent; and,
  3. Hardware and Household Fixtures which accounted for 3.97 percent or $856,415.

The remaining complaints categories comprised Utility Services; Computers; Cable Services; Clothing, Food, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals & Miscellaneous; Other Services (including finance, laundry, hair, education); Furniture; and Other.

However, the top three complaint categories were similar to what has been evidenced over the past few years. The Electrical Equipment & Appliances category contributed 30.28% of all the complaints filed with the Commission. This was followed by the Utilities category with 14.53% and Other Services with 12.01%.

The Commission is therefore cautioning consumers who intend to purchase automobiles or electrical equipment and appliances to be particularly diligent in conducting their research prior to making these types of purchases. In the event that there is an issue with the product, consumers are advised to act quickly by reporting it immediately to the vendor. In so doing, problems or delays will be minimised in instances where requests are made for exchanges or refunds. 

The CAC is also urging consumers to utilise the services of the Commission not only after the purchase of an item, but also prior to making a purchase as the CAC is committed to ensuring consumers get value for money.




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